Allen School’s Journey: From Foundation to Medical Assistant Training Excellence

Allen School of Health Services

The Story of the Allen School of Health Sciences

In a world where the healthcare industry is perpetually evolving, institutions that train the next generation of healthcare professionals need to be both visionary and adaptable. The Allen School of Health Sciences, with its rich history and dedication to excellence, stands as a testament to what happens when passion meets purpose. From its humble beginnings in Jamaica, Queens, to its expanding horizons across campuses, the institution has been a beacon of quality education and unwavering commitment to its students. In this blog, we’ll delve into the remarkable journey of the Allen School, explore our campuses, and uncover the unique characteristics that make it a top choice for aspiring healthcare professionals.

From Foundation to Medical Assistant Training Excellence

From its founding in the early 1960s to today, the Allen School has been led by a dedicated team with a passion for supporting students.

The Birth of a Vision: Allen School’s Humble Beginnings

In the vibrant heart of Jamaica, Queens, a vision was born. Originally christened as the Allen School for Physicians’ Aides in 1961, the institution set out with a singular, groundbreaking aim: to furnish residents of the Jamaica area with a quality professional education that centered around Allied Health Programs. This was not just about academic pursuits but envisioned as a bridge to fulfilling careers in healthcare. A testament to this commitment was the institution’s first graduating class in 1962. The graduation not only marked the successful culmination of a year’s hard work but also underscored Allen School’s promise to be a beacon of educational excellence in the medical field.

Loretta Teich’s Transformational Leadership

By the time the 1980s rolled around, the Allen School was ready for its next chapter, and that came in the form of Loretta Teich. Upon acquiring the institution in 1980, Mrs. Teich brought with her not just expertise but a profound vision. Stemming from her background in employment agencies, she had found a gap in traditional healthcare training programs: many applicants lacked the tailored skills required for a thriving career. This realization was the catalyst behind a pivotal decision — to reorient the school’s focus towards imparting specific, job-oriented skills. Thus, under her leadership, the institution took its first steps toward introducing the Nursing Assistant program. It wasn’t just about academic knowledge; it was about preparing students for the real-world rigors of healthcare.

Expanding Horizons: The Growth of Allen School

If Loretta Teich’s leadership marked a transformative phase, the subsequent years heralded a period of expansion and consolidation for the Allen School. Recognizing the potential and need in downtown Brooklyn, a new campus was established. This geographical growth mirrored academically with the inception of the Medical Office Assistant program. As the healthcare industry evolved, so did the Allen School. By 2001, the program transformed into the more succinct and comprehensive Medical Assistant program. This was not just a change in structure but represented the school’s adaptability and responsiveness to industry needs. These consistent strides in innovation and adaptation positioned the Allen School as one of New York’s foremost leaders in health science education, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence.

Allen School Campuses: A Closer Look

The Allen School of Health Sciences has grown to three locations in the U.S., providing access to education and training for future healthcare professionals throughout the country. Each one of our campuses is a proud representation of our longstanding commitment to excellence.

Brooklyn Campus: At the Heart of Downtown

Nestled near the serene environs of Columbus Park, the Allen School Brooklyn Campus shines as a beacon of healthcare training in downtown Brooklyn.  A key highlight of this campus is its renowned Medical Assisting Training program. Designed with precision and backed by a legacy of excellence, this program equips students with the skills and knowledge essential for certification exams, opening doors to fulfilling roles in clinics, doctor’s offices, and hospitals.

Jamaica / Queens Campus: Where it All Began

The Jamaica/Queens Campus is where the story of the Allen School first began. With a legacy spanning over six decades, this campus is a testament to the school’s dedication to healthcare training and education. The accredited programs at this campus reflect our commitment to preparing students to potentially step into roles in Allied Health.

Phoenix Campus: Broadening Boundaries

Moving into the southwest, the Allen School’s Phoenix Campus is a testament to the institution’s vision of broadening its horizons. Infused with the same commitment to excellence, the Phoenix Campus carries forward the institution’s storied legacy to Arizona. Here, students experience the combination of the school’s rich history with the vibrant energy of Phoenix.

Career Services: Beyond the Classroom:

At the Allen School of Health Sciences, our dedication to student success goes well beyond the classroom. We understand that a fulfilling career in healthcare is built on a foundation of both academic knowledge and practical skill sets. That’s why our Career Services don’t just aim for job search strategies; they focus on holistic professional development. We stand by our students, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to the modern job market. From identifying enriching internship opportunities in top healthcare institutions to crafting compelling resumes that stand out, we’ve got it covered. Our career services team ensures students are interview-ready, helping them articulate their vision for their healthcare career. We delve into the nuances of personal branding and equip students with job search strategies. Most importantly, we aim to instill confidence, empowering students to forge successful paths in their chosen healthcare fields.

Top Reasons to Begin Your Career Journey with Allen School

When you choose the Allen School of Health Sciences for your educational journey, you’re selecting an institution that’s focused on your success. Our programs are designed for accelerated completion, allowing students to jumpstart their careers.  Our curriculum ensures hands-on training and on-the-job experiences, offering a practical approach that’s tailored for real-world applications. At Allen School, we specialize exclusively in healthcare training. This single-minded focus ensures that our resources, faculty, and expertise are honed to provide the best in this vital field. An invaluable component of our training is our internship program, known for its rigorous approach and ties to healthcare institutions, providing students with entry into the medical field.

The Bigger Picture: Why Choose a Career in Healthcare

Embarking on a career in healthcare is a commitment to the noble cause of enhancing human health and well-being. Healthcare professionals are the backbone of a society that values care and compassion, serving a critical role in our world. Choosing this path offers not just job stability but a myriad of specialties and avenues to explore and grow. Whether you’re driven by medical research, patient care, or administrative roles, the healthcare industry offers opportunities tailored to every passion. Furthermore, the universal demand for healthcare professionals means job opportunities aren’t just restricted to one location. Whether you’re in Brooklyn, Jamaica Queens or Phoenix Arizona, or any part of the globe, healthcare skills are in demand, providing flexibility and freedom in relocation. The industry also offers potential for advancement. As you hone your skills and gather experience, avenues for leadership roles, specialized positions, and even cross-disciplinary opportunities may emerge, potentially allowing for a dynamic and fulfilling career.

Step into Your Future Today

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