Alternative Study Tactics for Students at the Allen School

While you’ve studied your entire life to learn math, science and history, you may find that studying as an adult can be trickier. Whether you’re learning to live on your own or you’re juggling a career and family while you pursue your education, it’s important to study as efficiently and as creatively as possible. At The Allen School, we want our students to succeed. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of alternative study tactics that students can implement. Choosing to pursue a career in healthcare is a wonderful and rewarding decision. By implementing these study tactics, you’ll learn even more as you continue to work toward your goals.

Watch videos

While your professors and textbooks will be very beneficial in learning the material that’s going to be covered on your exams, sometimes hearing an idea from a fresh perspective can be helpful. Consider watching videos online from other medical students and professors. Simply search for the topic you’re interested in or that you want more information on. Sometimes just hearing an idea from another person is enough to help you remember it.

Make flashcards fun

training to be a medical assistant Phoenix AZA lot of students overlook the value of flashcards. The truth is, though, that flashcards can help you memorize important ideas, names and procedures you’ll need in your medical career. Consider downloading a flashcard app so you can review flashcards on-the-go. Listen to music while you review so you don’t zone out or get bored. You can also make regular flashcards by hand to use while you’re relaxing in the bath or even lying in bed. Some students like to walk on the treadmill while they review flashcards. Others watch a television show and do flashcards during commercial breaks. The possibilities are endless.

Write a story

You don’t have to be a writer to try this study method. Learning new vocabulary words can be tough, so it’s important to use them as frequently as possible so you can retain them. One way you can memorize your lists and words is to use them in a story. Consider writing a one-page story using the words or ideas you’re covering in class. This doesn’t have to be a fancy or interesting story. Just try to use the words you’re learning in a pretend scenario. You might be surprised at just how helpful writing the words out can be.

Don’t study the same way each day

medical assistant students NYOne of the most important things you can do is to mix up your studying. While studying can be boring, you need to do your best to stay focused. Switching things up can help. For example, if you go to a study group on Tuesdays, make sure you study alone on Wednesdays. If you review your notes on Thursdays, try to do flash cards on Fridays. If you’re ready to take your studying to a new level and pursue a career in the healthcare field, The Allen School is ready for you. Contact us today so we can help you take the next steps in reaching the career goals you’ve been working toward.

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