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get-in-touchThis is an open thread for Allen School Alumni to gather, get back in touch, share post-graduation experiences and more.  Topic of discussion is open to all users.  Begin your conversations in the comments section.

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  1. Today on 9/11 it is a time to remember one of histories tragic time. After eight years the remembrance of what happened still plays in many peoples mind and trying still to comprehend the why. Grief has no end even when its about mere strangers that have died. I still cry for the lost ones and their families torture of having to remember them in this way. I find that every time I talk about that day and what I had to do and be a witness to what now has become a part of history, it does not get better because I still keep getting angry. But the anger has made me a better person because now I feel even more aware of what is happening around me and in the world today. I see now how we have been lied to by our government, and how things occur internationally to cover up for the obvious things government try to keep us unaware of. I do see the writing on the wall, and I am reading it all the time. I have taught my kids to always question as much as they can about whatever doesn’t sound right or makes no sense to them. If 9/11 has taught me anything is not to fall asleep. I live everyday for the unexpected and I am not losing sleep because of it. I just know that being insightful is better than being ignorant because “I didn’t know” doesn’t work for me. Blessed are those who remember 9/11 and continue to live free!

  2. Michele Hall

    Today is a day for mourning of all the lives we lost in the 9/11 event that changed the world forever. Many innocent lives were taken mothers, fathers, children grandma’s, grandpa’s etc. We need to take time and thanks those who lives perished, so that others could live especially the
    pentagon which was not hit due to the brave citizens on flight to Washington, DC many more could have been lost but were not because of the heroes on that flight.
    We love you all and miss you and you will remain forever in our thoughts and prayers.
    Michele Hall

  3. June Au-Yeung

    My job hunting tips would be:
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    2.Try to be as flexible with your starting salary as possible.
    3.Network through friends, family, blogs, and social groups.
    4.Update your skills if needed.
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    7.Stay Positive.

  4. Jamila Peters

    As healthcare continues to be hot debate in our government circles. Offices throughout the nation slowly transition to the EHR. I am a supporter of the EHR for the following reasons:

    1. Access medical records quickly
    2. Multiple health professionals have access to a medical record which would provide quick treatment decisions but security measure must be set in place because this could be bad in itself if the record is not safeguarded.
    3. The medical practice can save on paper
    4. The EHR system is linked to the internet so health professionals can do research and communicate with several consultants.

    I have been seeing the same doctor for the past 15 years and about the past 4 years they slowing progressed from a paper to EHR and speaking to the various staff everyone indicated that the transition was not easy but that they got use to it. When asked would they go back to paper all indicated no because we are in a society where computers play a huge role and it allows the office to run effectively and fast pasted because everything is at a click of a button.

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