Argument Pro or Con for Medical Coding Training Online

Medical Coding Classes OnlineWell, it has happened again this year, as it has in January every year since 2002, New York City’s annual “No Pants Subway Ride”.  For those uninitiated, this is a day wherein subway riders, men and women alike, can opt to ride mass transit without the benefit of pants or other bottom-covering clothing. Depending on your particular disposition – single, married, kinky, straight-laced, bashful, uninhibited, conservative or liberal – you find this quirky annual skin fest either greatly amusing or repulsive.  Events like this which seem to happen with a good deal of regularity in the Big Apple, can also be used to judge whether or not you should take your medical coding training online or at the Allen School ground campus. If you’re single, kinky, uninhibited and liberal, you may embrace the weirdness that exists daily on the subway as you travel to the ground school campus; enjoying all the libertine charms of humanity.  If you’re married, straight-laced, bashful and conservative, you’re probably relieved to study medical coding training online on days such as the annual No Pants Subway Ride. It’s nice to know you have so many options when it comes to earning certification in a new career field with a bright and lucrative future.  If it makes you feel like shedding your pantaloons, all the more power to you! Here’s a link to a slideshow of this year’s event to help you determine if you prefer online or on-campus studies.  Enjoy!

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