As Our Medical Assistant Class gets ready to Graduate, YOU Can be next!

Summer can be the perfect time for a new start. For many, it’s an opportunity to think about a new job. If you’ve been thinking about a new career as a Medical Assistant, this may be the push you need to begin making that idea a reality.

Would This Field Be a Good Fit for You?

When you’re considering a new career, it’s important to determine if the role would be a good fit. For Medical Assistants, the following qualities and attributes are important to succeed: empathy, integrity, dependability, ability to manage stress, strong communication skills and compassion. 

Why are those skills so critical for this role? 

Medical Assistants may have administrative or clinical duties, or both, depending on the work setting. Duties may include greeting patients, updating medical records, preparing patients for exams, drawing blood, and assisting with medication. For all of these duties, as well as any others that may be assigned, the qualities and attributes listed above would help the individual provide patients with the best possible care.

Education and Certification

If the field sounds like a good fit for you, it’s time to begin finding a program that will give you the educational foundation you need to pursue it. Do your homework and find the program that best meets your needs in terms of scheduling, flexibility, learning style, cost, and any other issues that may be part of the decision. For over 60 years the Allen School of Health Sciences has trained thousands of people for their careers in healthcare. We have an accelerated program of online and hands-on interaction in a clinical setting. You can graduate in less than a year!

Looking Ahead

There are opportunities for personal growth. After you work in an entry-level Medical Assistant position, moving into a medical specialty may offer better opportunities. The longer you work in a specialty practice that you enjoy, the more valuable your skills and knowledge will become to your employer.

At the Allen School of Health Sciences, we specialize in helping students reach their educational and career goals. Are you ready to start the summer with a new career? Contact the Allen School today! We are enrolling now for classes starting soon and cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family! Visit to learn more.

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