Awesome Transit Video Reminds of the Value of Online Learning

This astonishingly beautiful video shows a point of light for every piece of transit infrastructure (bus, train, taxicab) in the New York City area and its individual movement over a 24 hour period.  Watching the lights dance like choreographed fireflies truly impresses upon the viewer the extent to which we rely on transit to move us around the city for work and school.  If looking at this imagery makes you think of congested roads, bridges, tunnels, stations, platforms and terminals, you may be a prime candidate for online learning.  Leave the daily transit battle behind as you study medical billing and coding with the Allen School Online from the comfort of your own home or favorite local coffee shop.  Medical billing and coding is a great career option and while you’ll likely have to ride transit to and from your job once you’ve completed your medical billing and coding certification, the upside is, you’ll have a job skill that you can leverage to find gainful employment anywhere along the lines of transit outlined in the above video (and beyond)!

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