Backup! The Data You Save May Be Your Own

As online students, you cannot fall back on the old “the dog ate my homework” excuse if you fail to turn your assignments in on time.  After all, your dog may have a hard time swallowing your laptop or digesting the hard drive in your desktop.  However, the modern day equivalent of this old chestnut could be characterized as “the computer ate my homework”.  This is actually something that can indeed happen.  Hardware failures and other computer glitches can result in lost data.  So what can a dedicated online student do to protect him/herself from losing the term paper to the Blue Screen of Death? Geeks to the rescue!   The boys and girls at my favorite geek site,, have created an excellent Do It Yourself piece, detailing how you can protect your data by devising a good backup strategy.  Visit here to learn tips and tricks for backing up your important school work (to say nothing of your important pictures, MP3s and anything else of value in your machine).

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