A Post NOT for Online Medical Billing Program Students

ride to Allen School in comfort We frequently post stories about neat technologies and other interesting items that underscore the benefits of studying online medical billing classes with the Allen School. From stories about the latest computer system upgrades to avoiding commuting during miserable winter weather, many of our posts underscore the good reasons to be on online medical billing program student.

But not today!  Today, we’re gonna talk about one reason it is awesome to be a ground campus student of medical assistant courses or certified nursing assistant training.  It gives me great pleasure to share with you ground school students, the new Ford MoDe electric bicycle.  According to auto enthusiast site BoldRide.com, “This beautiful piece of engineering and design packs an electric motor and battery into its frame and can fold down to be stored and charged in any new Ford vehicle. However, it also features unique front and rear suspension assemblies which can be configured for road, mountain or city biking – greatly increasing its versatility and potentially cutting a cyclist’s fleet from two or three bikes down to just one.”

Designed to be a perfect city commute vehicle, the MoDe, from automaker Ford, offers a unique and effortless way to make the commute to the ground campus.  Even if you live in another borough or even across the river in New Jersey, you can drive your Ford to the station, carry the foldable e-Bike onto the train and then ride the rest of the way in style and power-assisted comfort.  This nifty toy will turn the tables a bit, making online students envious of their commuting cohorts taking classes at Allen Schools physical campuses.

Note: also nice to ride around the beautiful desertscapes of the new Phoenix, Arizona Allen School campus.

Cautionary Tale for the Medical Assistant Training Candidate

don't let burnout damage your medical assistant training So you’re taking medical assistant training in preparation for a job in a field where compassionate care-giving is the name of the game.  You selected medical assistant training because you’re a naturally nurturing person who derives great satisfaction from helping others and offering comfort to the afflicted.  However, just as in any other career, after many years of service, it is possible to become callous and burned out.

Here’s a cautionary tale illustrating why it is absolutely imperative to maintain a deeply rooted sense of professionalism so that when you find yourself feeling jaded and ambivalent about your work, you remember why you first got into the field and can find healthy, appropriate outlets for the frustration instead of acting poorly like the people in this story.

A disquieting story in the Washington Post tells the story of an anesthesiologist and the rest of a surgical team in a northern Virgina hospital who had clearly grown bitter about serving patients.  The Post framed the story:

“Sitting in his surgical gown inside a large medical suite in Reston, Va., a Vienna man prepared for his colonoscopy by pressing record on his smartphone, to capture the instructions his doctor would give him after the procedure.

But as soon as he pressed play on his way home, he was shocked out of his anesthesia-induced stupor: He found that he had recorded the entire examination and that the surgical team had mocked and insulted him as soon as he drifted off to sleep.”

What the patient recorded included the burned-out anesthesiologist expressing a desire to “punch [the patient] in his face to ‘man him up’ a little”.  She also mocked the man for having a rash on his penis, joking that it was probably syphilis and calling him a “retard”.  Read the whole shocking story and listen to the recordings used as evidence in the trial here. Then consider that it cost the medical group, the doctors and medical assistants named in the suit $500,000.00 in punitive damages awarded by the jury hearing the case brought by the patient.

It is not a character flaw if one does become burned out on any job.  It happens to everyone at one point or another in every career.  It is a function of simply being human.  It is how you handle those feelings that separates the true professional from the hack.  Always remember that in your role as a medical assistant, you’re graced with the trust of every patient who relies on you for compassionate, professional treatment.  Never take that trust lightly.

You’re Never Too Young/Old to Achieve

nursing assistant or medical assistant trainingMaybe you’re about to turn 50 and have been downsized from your lifelong career in a disappearing industry.  Or maybe you’re just out of high school, like the subject of this incredible article about a 17 year old who invented a radical and brilliant new medical product.

Consider young Joe Landolina, the 22 year-old who invented “VetiGel” when he was just 17.  Vetigel, a gel applied directly to wounds, stops bleeding within seconds and heals wounds altogether in just minutes!  Landolina invented the algae-based polymer in his gradfather’s lab and has parlayed his breakthrough into Suneris, a biotech company that manufactures the gel. Last week, Suneris announced that it will begin shipping VetiGel to veterinarians later this summer and the article suggests humans won’t be far behind. 

The implications for you Joe should be eye opening for you.  Regardless of your age or the preconceptions about where you should be along your career trajectory at any age stories like this serve to illustrate that the only prerequisite for success in life is the drive to succeed and a healthy dose of sustained effort.  You could become a medical assistant at age 21 as easily as you could at age 55.  You could earn your certification as a nursing assistant beginning fresh out of high school or after having racked up decades of workplace experience before deciding (for whatever reason) to embark along a new career path.


Update on the Windows 10 Update for Medical Coding Online Students

Free Windows-10 for medical billing classes onlineUsing your computer to study medical coding online with Allen School is most definitely an exceptional convenience.  However, if your machine is running Window 8, you may be among the many users who harbor a particularly strong distaste for the operating system.  And you’re not alone.  Windows 8 is nearly universally disliked by users due to its arguably failed attempt at incorporating a “mobile style” user interface for the desktop user.  The tiled interface and the removal of the very useful Windows “start button” are but two of the most often cited reasons why users dislike Windows 8.

As we’ve written about here before, Microsoft is busy readying its next release of the Windows operating system – Windows 10.  And as we’ve noted, Microsoft is planning to give a Windows 10 update away for free to anyone currently using a licensed version of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.  If that includes you, here’s what you need to know.

Windows 10 will be made available to all users on July 9.  If you allow regular, scheduled Windows updates to be made to your computer, the new software package will be automatically downloaded to your machine.  You won’t have to do anything on July 29, as the operating system will automatically update and install itself.  Here’s an article from Microsoft which explains how to make sure you get the update and the process it will involve.

If you’re like this blogger – using the reviled Windows 8, this is welcome news and I join you in anticipating how much easier life will be working with the new OS.  It can’t come quickly enough!

4 Foods to Boost Effective Study for Medical Billing Classes Online

brainSo, you need to make a shake comprised of blueberries, sea bass, kale and olive oil and guzzle it down.  Just kidding.  But if you’re studying medical billing classes online, you may wish to consider the following information.

Want to operate at peak mental efficiency?  Want to optimize your study time, even if your hectic life prevents you from studying medical billing classes online at normal hours?  Well, the mind is just like any other high performance engine.  What you put into it by way of fuel has a large influence on the output you get from it.

Prevention magazine says the four best foods for your brain are:

  1. Fatty Fish
  2. Green leafy vegetables
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Blueberries

The Omega-3 fatty acids in high quantities the fish are great for memory and optimal brain function.  The Vitamin K found in Kale and other green leafy vegetables is known to improve cognitive ability.  The antioxidant effects of olive oil help improve learning and memory while potentially keeping Alzheimers disease at bay.  The anthocyanins found in blueberries are known to cross the blood-brain barrier, protecting brain and boosting communication between brain neurons. A health study of 16,000 women over the age of 70 performed by the Harvard Nurses’ Association found that women who consumed 2 or more half-cup servings of blueberries or strawberries each week were mentally sharper than those who didn’t.

So don’t burn your brain out eating junk food while working to earn your degree via medical billing classes online with the Allen School.  Have a nice piece of fish atop a bed of sauteed escarole for supper and a big bowl of blueberries and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert and then study like a champ!

One (Bad) Way to Land Your Dream Job

bogusShortcuts in life rarely if ever pay off for those who try to use them.  Circumventing the trials and tribulations involved in achieving anything worthwhile is a dangerous game that can lead to lots of unintended consequences.  Take for example the case of a company called Career Excuse.  The company provides its customers with glowing professional references from entirely bogus jobs at entirely fabricated companies.  So rather than actually getting a job, gaining valuable work experience and using that to propel one’s career forward, Career Excuse customers simply fork over $200, put bogus job histories on their resumes and then Career Excuse provides glowing recommendations for their customers when hiring managers call to check the reference.

Studying to become a certified nurse assistant requires long hours of study and hard work to master the course requirements.  After graduation, certified nurse assistants must earn jobs in their field and capture experience the good old fashioned way: by slogging through the sometimes difficult experiences which build upon their credentials.  If they work hard, they can certainly parlay a first job into a better paying second job.  They can move up within an organization and achieve in correlation to their merits.

What do you think of a company that helps lazy folks fake their way into jobs?  Read this article to learn more about this eyebrow raising company.  Can you imagine what kind of danger a poseur in the medical field would represent to their patients?  The consequences could be catastrophic.  You’re much better off getting a solid nursing assistant certification with the Allen School and then wading into the career world, rising or falling on your own merits.

The Path to Achievement (and a Medical Assistant Education) Isn’t Always Straight

Be a winner with Allen SchoolWhat can we take away from watching American Pharoah win the Triple Crown – the first horse to do so in 37 years?

One lesson writ large in the momentous achievement of this exciting horse race is that making something great happen in your life is always a challenge.  Good things do happen but sometimes you have to make an enormous effort, suffer countless setbacks and errors, and overcome a lot of handicaps in order to achieve your goals.   Getting yourself situated to earn a better living and enjoy a more stable work life means investing time and effort into studying to become a medical assistant or taking online medical billing courses between your day job and your taking care of your family.

Consider the fact that for the last 37 years, many absolutely amazing horses have tried and failed to win the Preakness, the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont stakes.  And for 37 years, all failed.  Consider the fact that American Pharoah’s jockey, Victor Espinoza had lost two prior attempts at Triple Crown greatness including last year’s loss by California Chrome in the Belmont stakes.  Consider that the American Pharoah’s name is spelled wrong (its spelled ‘pharaoh’)! 

All these flaws, losses and defeats, when met with redoubled effort and focus on the goal at hand, are converted from defeat to victory; from failure to momentous achievement.  You can do the same thing in your life.  You don’t have to suffer with a dead end job.  You can live and earn better and with tools like medical assistant classes with the Allen School, you can achieve the greatness you desire in life.

Need Extra Time Before Accepting a New Nurse Assistant Job?

Stall for time nursing assistantOne of the best things about studying to earn nurse assistant certification is the job opportunities that open up once you’ve earned your diploma.  You’ll find there are plenty of job availabilities and you’ll hone your skills at resumes, interviews and the like.  You may even find yourself in the enviable position of having one job offer come in while you’re waiting to hear back from another opportunity where you’ve already interviewed.

So what do you do if you prefer job ‘B’ but the hiring manager from job ‘A’ calls first to offer you the position?  Believe it or not, this happens more frequently than you’d expect – especially for certified nurse assistants who remain in high demand.

Jacqueline Smith at the Business Insider has a good set of rules for handling this scenario with tact and aplomb.  Her article is titled, “How to Politely Postpone Accepting a Job Offer” and it provides numerous nuggets of great information.  You can read the article here for the details but some of the key takeaways are:

  • Show excitement and gratitude
  • Make sure you’re fully aware of all the details (like hours, salary, benefits, vacation, etc.) and ask for more information about the job as a way to stall for time
  • Offer a definite time in which to provide your response: “Can I get back to you in two days?”
  • Mention that you’re also considering another offer
  • Make sure to accept or decline the job in writing

There’s a lot more good tidbits of information on this subject in the Business Insider piece.  Don’t make the mistake of burning bridges in the medical community when there are solid, tactful ways to protect your best interests.

Traffic Law Myths Debunked – Reason #298 to Study Medical Billing Online

medical billing online students get fewer speeding ticketsWe’ve probably all heard the following pieces of conventional wisdom regarding traffic laws and their enforcement:

“If the officer who writes your speeding ticket doesn’t show up to court, your ticket gets dismissed.”

“Cops write more speeding tickets toward the end of each month to make the quotas for ticket-writing they face on the job.”

“Its legal to speed if you’re just keeping up with the flow of traffic.”

But guess what?  These (and many other similar myths) are all just that: myths.  In fact, you can still be liable for the fine even if the officer who wrote your ticket has a wedding to attend the day of your court hearing.  There aren’t quotas (the way we think of them) for ticket writing among police departments and “just keeping up with the flow of traffic” is no excuse for speeding.

I  bring this information to your attention because these traffic law myths are persistent and many motorists fall victim to these beliefs every day on the roads across this great country.  Lifehacker has a list of eight debunked traffic law myths here.  So, drive if you must, but be aware of the law.  OR, you could simply opt to study medical billing online with the Allen School and leave your car parked safely in the driveway for more of the day than you would if you had to commute to and from campus.

Medical billing online courses not only help insulate you from the costs of traffic violations you may rack up speeding from your job to your ground-campus class.  But those who study medical billing online classes also spend up to 35% less on gasoline, tolls, parking and parking tickets.  (OK, I made that last statistic up, but you get the point!)


News for Medical Assistants: Lyme Disease Cases Spiking

lyme symptom for medical assistants benefitIn an important piece of healthcare news in the Northeast (which is where many of our medical assistant trainees study, live and ultimately enter the workforce) was released this spring.  Centers for Disease Control and other agencies warn that as the warm weather arrives, the Northeast could see a record spike in Lyme Disease cases.

They heavy snows of this last winter actually insulated the disease carrying Black Legged ticks (sometimes referred to as Deer ticks) from freezing to death in the cold.  The warm weather now promises an explosion in these ticks’ population.  This means far more instances of Lyme Disease on the horizon.

Note that not all people infected with Lyme exhibit the red, bull’s eye patterned rash commonly associated with Lyme infection.  The normal symptoms mimic the flu and without the telltale rash, many are fooled into thinking they have the flu while Lyme progresses through the body.  Left untreated, Lyme can affect the eyes, cardiovascular system, kidneys and even call meningitis-like swelling of the brain and spinal cord.  Not fun stuff.

A good medical assistant should know that a patient with lingering flu-like symptoms is potentially infected with Lyme.  Treated early with anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories, Lyme is cured.  Left to degenerate untreated, it can have dire consequences.  If you’re about to complete your medical assistant training with Allen School and enter a medical office, be armed with this knowledge!