Lies Employers Tell Nursing Assistant Jobs Seekers

nursing assistant job opportunity lies

You’ve recently completed your certification in nursing assisting and you’re turning your attention now to landing nursing assistant jobs in your area.  Here at the Allen School Blog, we’ve done a lot of writing about what to include in your job hunting resume and what NOT to put into it.  After all, embellishing your resume […]

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Medical Billing Online Students, Protect Your Network!

medical billing online classes wireless network mapping

If you’re taking advantage of all the amazing benefits associated with studying medical billing online with the Allen School, you need to read this!  Of all the amazing benefits of Medical Billing Online study, perhaps the most attractive is the freedom to study from the comfort and convenience of your own home.  And if you’re […]

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Networking Best Practices for Healthcare Jobs

networking for healthcare jobs

You’re soon to complete your course of study with the Allen School and gearing up to go out and seek healthcare jobs in the marketplace.  Whether you’re a newly minted medical billing and coding pro, a soon-to-be certified nursing assistant or a medical office assistant, networking is a crucial step in moving up the ladder […]

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The Best Browser for Medical Billing Online Classes?

Best browser for medical billing online classes

Ask a dozen computer users to sound off on their favorite web browser and you’ll likely hear hundreds of answers.  The web browser is a piece of software that, when working as intended, mostly fades into the background of the online experience.  But when it is not working well – loading pages slowly, rendering broken […]

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Nursing Assistant Training: Not Too Late to Achieve Career Greatness

Not too late to homer with nursing assistant training

Making significant achievements is not an activity strictly reserved for the young.  You may have worked for a decade or more in a field you find unrewarding and unprofitable.  But just because you’re no longer college aged and fresh faced, that you cannot turn over a new leaf and engage in some nursing assistant training […]

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Body Language Tips for Landing Medical Assistant Jobs

body language

Done with your medical assistant training and ready to begin interviewing for your first medical assistant jobs?  Then you’ll probably want to know the following tips for using the unspoken dialogue of body language to your advantage in the interview. Here are some tips for leveraging body language cues to help increase your attractiveness as […]

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Ransomware: At the Nexus of Medical Office Assistant Training and IT


An interesting story rests at the intersection of medical office assistant training and IT-centric activities like online medical billing.  According to news reports, MedStar, a health network of 10 Maryland hospitals, was  struck by a ransomware attack last week.  What’s ransomware?  If you’re soon to complete medical office assistant training or online medical billing classes, […]

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Reducing Cable Bills for Online Medical Billing Classes

medical billing online classes

You’ve made the wise decision to study online medical billing classes with the Allen School.  You’re ready to embark on a path toward better job security and pay.  So why not take a few steps to protect your imminent earning power a bit more by lowering the cost of the cable internet subscription you’re using […]

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Job Security for Certified Nursing Assistants

In case you were worried about the job security that comes with a job as a certified nursing assistant, let us reassure you.  The world is full of people willing to take exceedingly stupid chances with their health and physical safety.  There’s absolutely no shortage of people who will need serious medical attention after doing […]

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Online Medical Billing Classes DON’T Lead to This

online medical billing classes not a Top10 Worst

So, you’re considering taking online medical billing classes with the Allen School.  That’s a wonderful idea, and one that leads to so many interesting and affirmative occurrences in your life.  Online medical billing classes DO lead to the following: A new career Job security in a field noted for ongoing growth opportunities The freedom to […]

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