The Bug Infecting Medical Coding Online Students

Infected Browsers Ailing Medical Coding Online StudentsYes, cold and flu season is still lingering with the unseasonably cold weather here in the Northeast.  So it may be true that students studying medical coding online with Allen School could be fighting off aches, coughs, sneezes and all the misery that these wintertime ailments bring.  But that’s not the kind of bug we’re talking about today.  We’re talking software virus “bugs”.Almost as misery-inducing for the medical coding online student is the computer virus.  Once infected the online student’s computer will be just as knocked out and immobilized as the student would be if infected with influenza.  Particularly vulnerable to infection and hacker attack is the web browser.  Yes, the browser, the vehicles we all use to surf the net – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) represent a way in for malicious hackers to infiltrate your machine, often rendering it unusable.We know that all browsers are susceptible to infection particularly well because of the Pwn2Own Hacking Competition wherein hackers gather to (legally) exploit the weaknesses in all internet browsers.  The browser companies sponsor the event as a way to learn where vulnerabilities lie in their products and (hopefully) make them stronger and more secure for users like students of medical coding online and other internet denizens.Security website Threatpost reported on this year’s competition winner, a Korean hacker named Jung Hoon Lee:
“The story of the day was Korean researcher Jung Hoon Lee, who worked alone under the name lokihardt and earned the single highest payout for an exploit in the competition’s history, a staggering $110,000 in just two minutes.Using more ht2000 lines of code, Lee was able to take down both stable and beta versions of Chrome by exploiting a buffer overflow race condition in the browser. He then used an info leak and race condition in two Windows kernel drivers to secure SYSTEM access. The standalone Chrome bug fetched Lee $75,000 while the privilege escalation bug scored him another $25,000. To finish it off Google’s Project Zero, as it usually does when Chrome is hacked at the event, paid Lee an extra $10,000.”
The takeaway message from this interesting slice of high tech intrigue is this: MAKE SURE YOUR ANTI-VIRUS AND FIREWALL PROTECTION IS UP-TO-DATE AND FUNCTIONING PROPERLY!  

Repetitive Stress & Dragon Slaying Injuries Can Cost You a Nursing Assistant Job

Nursing assistant certification is like slaying a dragonSay what bloggerman?!?  Let me explain!  Liz Ryan, CEO of Human Workplace, a human resources industry think tank recently published an interesting post on LinkedIn.  (Editor’s note: If you’re not using LinkedIn for your career development, you’re missing out!)  Liz explained the two most costly mistakes most people make when searching for a job.  As a recent recipient of nursing assistant certification from the Allen School, you should sit up and take note because you’ll have lots of opportunities to go to job interviews with your newly earned credential.The first of Ms. Ryan’s two costly mistakes is what I like to call a “repetitive stress injury”.  No, not the dreaded tennis elbow or tendonitis.  I am talking about the mistake many job seekers make of building one résumé and then using it to apply to all the jobs they wish to interview for.  This is a big mistake.Ryan says, “You have to customize your résumé to showcase your stories and experiences that are most relevant to the specific job you’re applying for.”

Certainly core pieces of your résumé  can be repurposed from one opportunity to the next.  However, key pieces of it should be modified and slanted specifically to address functions relevant to the specific job you’re applying for. 

“You’ll change the summary at the top of your résumé every time you apply for a job, to make it clear to your hiring manager that although you’re good at lots of things, at this moment in time you’re conveying your expertise in one area in particular — the one your manager is most likely to care about,” writes Ryan.

The second mistake according to Ryan is the failure to share your dragon-slaying stories.  Ryan explains that all companies have typical challenges and pain points which they experience day to day.  Ryan says to have your “dragon-slaying stories” — instances where you overcame particularly vexing or challenging problems — ready to share with hiring managers. “Develop your Dragon-Slaying Story list,” advises Ryan, “and focus on Pain rather than the bullet points in a job ad or your own done-to-death list of Skills!”Take these two simple but important pieces of advice to heart and you’ll avoid two of the things that regularly cost candidates the job.

Online Medical Billing Classes Unimpressed by New Record

snow doesn't impact medical billing classes onlineDid you know that you don’t have to live in the NY Metro area in order to take online medical billing classes with the Allen School?  Yep, its true!  You could live in Albuquerque, Alabama, Alhambra or even Alaska and earn your certification as a medical billing and coding professional with Allen School Online from wherever you happen to hang your hat.If where you happen to hang your hat happens to be in the City of Boston, MA, then some congratulations are certainly in order.  It seems that along with the last snowfall in Beantown, fell the City’s record for snowfall which as of this Sunday reached 108.6 inches for the Winter 2014-15 season, topping the earlier record of 107.6 inches set in 1995-96, according to the National Weather Service in Taunton.That’s a lot of snow for Bostonians to dug out of and trudge through on their way to school, work or both.  But not if said Bostonians were studying online medical billing classes online with Allen School.  Those students would be far less impressed with the record snowfall because they’d have much less need to get out of their houses for school.  Instead, they could simply whip up another batch of hot chocolate, flip open the laptop and get right to work studying for a new and exciting career while they wait for the valiant men and women of the Boston Public Works department to plough, shovel and salt the roads.So the bloggers here at the Allen School Blog offer congrats to Boston on setting this impressive record.  Online Medical Billing Classes however, remain unimpressed!

Salary Negotiation Tips for Post-Healthcare Training School Job Hunt

post-healthcare training school salary negotiationSo you’ve completed healthcare training school at Allen School and you’re ready to look for your first job.  Or perhaps you finished healthcare training school some years ago and you’re looking for a position with a leg up now that you have some practical work experience to put on your resume.  Either way, negotiating your salary with hiring agents is always a tricky task.The old axiom dictates that “he who answers first, loses in the negotiation” with respect to how much the job will pay. They will surely ask you what you’d like to earn.  Answer with a number lower than they were prepared to pay and you’ve beat yourself out of some money.  So how do you get them to tell you what they are prepared to pay without coming off confrontational or difficult?There are several strategies you can use to try and get the hiring agent to let you know what the job pays before you reveal what you need to earn.  There’s the Noel Smith-Wenkle Salary Negotiation Method which provides strategies to avoid ever giving your number first.  Then there’s the Jack Chapman Salary Negotiation Method which has a technique known as “the flinch” which is pretty clever.  Learn more about both these methods as well as plenty of other salient salary negotiation tips at this excellent post from get out there and get paid as much as you’re worth for having completed healthcare training school.

The Noel Smith-Wenkle Salary Negotiation Method

Medical Assistant Training is Key to Avoid Vanishing Jobs Syndrome

medical assistant training for jobs that won't vanishThe Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently reported that all the jobs lost during the Great Recession have been recuperated as of this year.  However, not all the new, “replacement” jobs are returning in the career areas from which they were originally lost.  In fact, there are 10 middle class careers that are on the brink of disappearing forever.  Either through obsolescence, outsourcing or automation, the following 10 jobs are going the way of the Dodo.  What’s important to notice however, is that not a single one of these jobs falls in the field of healthcare.  This is a good indicator of job security for those who are considering taking medical assistant training as a doorway into the healthcare field.10. Couriers and messengers > Projected employment change, 2012-2022: : -11.1% > 2012 employment: 98,200 > 2012 median annual wage: $25,4409. Switchboard operators, including answering service > Projected employment change, 2012-2022: : -13.2% > 2012 employment: 131,000 > 2012 median annual wage: $25,3708. Reservation agents and travel clerks > Projected employment change, 2012-2022: : -14.0% > 2012 employment: 139,100 > 2012 median annual wage: $32,4007. Door-to-door sales workers and news and street vendors > Projected employment change, 2012-2022: : -15.3% > 2012 employment: 92,700 > 2012 median annual wage: $21,4706. Extruding and drawing machine setters, operators, and tenders > Projected employment change, 2012-2022: : -15.9% > 2012 employment: 74,900 > 2012 median annual wage: $32,3305. Information and record clerks > Projected employment change, 2012-2022: : -16.7% 2012 employment: 188,900 2012 median annual wage: $37,2404. Computer operators > Projected employment change, 2012-2022: : -17.0% > 2012 employment: 74,600 > 2012 median annual wage: $38,3903. Data entry keyers > Projected employment change, 2012-2022: : -24.6% > 2012 employment: 220,300 > 2012 median annual wage: $28,0102. Word processors and typists > Projected employment change, 2012-2022: : -25.1% > 2012 employment: 104,400 > 2012 median annual wage: $35,2701. Postal service clerks > Projected employment change, 2012-2022: : -31.8% > 2012 employment: 66,900 > 2012 median annual wage: $53,090Click here to read the full post from Yahoo! Money including the particulars of each of the above-listed jobs and why it is headed toward oblivion.  Then give some serious thought to enrolling for medical assistant training and entering a field projected to grow through the next decade and beyond.  And if you’re a worker in one of the fields mentioned above, medical assistant training may be the perfect escape hatch for you to avoid unemployment.

More Evidence of Job Security for Nursing Assistants

The original “Evidence of Job Security” post was so well received, we decided to make a regular feature of it.  Here are some more people proving that nursing assistants will continue to be in very high demand for the foreseeable future.  So if you’ve been considering taking nursing assistant training but wondered about the prospects for employment over the long term, worry no more!Motorcycles are a predictable source of injury sending hundreds of thousands of Americans to emergency rooms every year, but these two foolish riders take the danger to a whole new level.nursing assistants standing by to put this moron back together mad moto 3Some motorcycle enthusiasts may be better off watching from the sidelines.  Ouch!  That’s gonna definitely leave a mark!mad moto 3Of course, “Full Contact Extreme Limbo” is another questionable activity causing people to find themselves in need of medical attention.  mad limboAny way you look at it, the world is full of people with poor judgment, ensuring the medical industry will remain the powerful job creator it continues to be.  Sign up today to become a certified nursing assistant! 

Yahoo’s Milestone is one for Online Medical Billing Classes Too

20 years of medical billing classes onlineThose readers who are taking online medical billing classes as they begin their adult career lives grew up in the internet age and have little to no memory of the dark ages before the information superhighway.  For those readers who are taking online medical billing classes as part of a mid-life career change, prepare to feel old.  One of the foundational sites in the history of the internet – Yahoo! – turns twenty today!It may be hard to think of another site more closely associated with so many things internet related.  Yahoo! was the early search leader (before Google grew into the juggernaut it is).  Yahoo! was also one of the first sites to aggregate content – news, weather, finance, entertainment, etc.   It is still the chosen homepage of millions of users worldwide.At around the same time Yahoo! hit the scene, the newfangled internet was delivering another very important innovation to the world.  That is, the ability to cut the moorings of the educational process with the advancement of online study.  The internet brought learning from the “dirt world” campus/classroom paradigm into the study from home era.  What many of our students take as an article of faith today – that they can study medical billing and coding at exceptionally flexible times and places as dictated by their otherwise busy lives – was not an option before the birth of the modern internet as we now know and love it.So as we take this opportunity to wish Yahoo! a happy 20th Birthday, we should give thanks for the role the internet plays in our ability to study medical billing and coding from the comforts of our living rooms, favorite coffee shops or anywhere we so choose.

Allen School to Participate in AIDS Walk

New York Healthcare School is Participating for 8th Consecutive YearBROOKLYN, NY, May 15, 2012 – The Allen School, New York’s  leading healthcare training school, is proud to announce that on Sunday May 20th, they will be participating in the 27th Annual AIDS Walk New York, a 6.2 mile walk to benefit HIV programs and services in the tri-state area for the 8th consecutive year.Allen School’s Medical Assistant and Nursing Assistant students and alumni will be joined by faculty and administration during the walk.  Allen School has raised over $2,500 so far for the AIDS Walk in 2012.  That number will continue to grow up until the day of the walk and will be doubled with a match from the school itself.  Over the past eight years, Allen School has raised in excess of $10,000 to help find a cure for the deadly virus that has touched so many friends and family of our students and staff.“Allen School and the AIDS walk have always been a natural fit because we train Medical Assistants and Certified Nursing Assistants who genuinely care about helping people affected by the AIDS virus,” said Jason Teich, Executive Vice President of Allen School of Health Sciences.About Allen SchoolAllen School of Health Sciences has trained over 70,000 medical professional, including students from the medical billing coding training program, over its 50-plus year existence.  You can learn more about becoming a Medical Assistant or Nursing Assistant at Allen School of Health Sciences by visiting or by calling 718-206-1300.You can learn more about the AIDS walk by visiting

No Nigerian Prince – New Phishing Scam!

OK, so as heavy users of online resources (being online students and overall Internet junkies), we’ve grown pretty savvy regarding the scams used by scammers to scam us out of our hard earned money.  For a while, we were susceptible to these “too good to be true” appeals to our greed.  “Nigerian banker fleeing oppressive regime needs compassionate foreigners to help him move his family business and significant cash holdings out of the country.  Let me deposit $4,000,000 into your account and when I transfer out the balance upon arriving in the US, I will leave $50,000 in your account as payment.”  I’m sure you’ve seen that one.  What about, “You’ve been selected to receive a $500 gift card from Walmart”?OK, so we have grown to recognize these as scams.  But scammers in Nigeria and elsewhere never sleep it would seem.  Latching on to the fact that we’ve grown hip to their schemes, they have gone the other way in an attempt to confuse us.  The new scams prey on the “too BAD to be true” response.For example, you receive a very official looking email from your bank.  It has all the colors and logos from your bank.  It may even come from an email address with your bank’s name somehow included.  It says something like, “Your account has been overdrawn by a debit in the amount of $7500.00.  The large dollar amount has alerted our fraud detection department.  Please log in immediately to verify the debit or to log a fraud claim.”  Provided is a link to a mocked up website that again “borrows” your bank’s website appearance.  In a panic, and wishing to quickly straighten out your account, you enter in your username and password and voila!  The scammer has access to your accounts.  Pizza and beer for all the scammer’s friends is on him tonight.There are lots of new Phishing scams popping up every day.  Click here for more information on the latest scams and how to detect them before you get taken for a ride.  Share any scams you have uncovered in the comments below.

Sample Resumé

Writing a resumé can be a task that is quite difficult to begin.  Especially if you don’t have a point of reference from which to begin .  Do you ever wish you could take a peek at what other people have done with their resumés so that you could at least get an idea of how to structure/format your own?There’s no shame in cribbing from the work of others when it comes to writing resumés.  In fact, there are lots of resumé sample sites out there (here, here and here) where you can review the CV’s of people in the exact same field as you.Or, click “read more” to see a particularly good example of a medical billing CV I found online. Continue reading…