Medical Assistant Trainees Can Do Amazing Things


Are you considering becoming a medical assistant trainee but you’re anxious you may not be up to the challenge?  Do you harbor some doubts about your ability to succeed at the difficult task of getting educated in a new field and embarking on an exciting new career?  Well, you shouldn’t doubt yourself.  We humans are […]

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Nursing Assistant Training and Drug Addiction

Nursing assistant training on drug addiction

OK, so that title may be a little misleading.  No, this post is not about drug addiction among nursing assistant training candidates.  Typically, a person who is working to complete nursing assistant training is a motivated, focused individual with a clear plan for their financial future.  The typical drug addict does not meet the profile. […]

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Nursing Assistant Training to Enter Fascinating Field

nursing assistant training

Taking nursing assistant training courses not only prepares one to enter a lucrative and stable career, it also prepares one to enter a truly fascinating field.  The advances in medical science have come so fast and furiously for so long over the last century, that we’ve grown somewhat inured to the actual marvel of what […]

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Selfie Stick Induced Injuries

OK, so here’s something fun for a Friday afternoon.  As medical office assistants and certified nursing assistants, you’ll have a front row seat to some of the injuries inflicted on people by engaging in foolish activities.  These include people who blew themselves up playing with fireworks, people burned trying to deep fry turkeys, roller-blading injuries […]

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Boosting Memory Naturally for Nursing Assistant Trainees

Nursing assistants by definition must be well-studied on a host of topics critically important to the health and well-being of the patients that they encounter on the job.  There’s a great volume of information to learn while studying for nursing assistant certification and all of it must be retained.  Keeping one’s memory sharp can be […]

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Top Skills Needed to Succeed in Medical Billing Classes

  What kind of person is best suited for a career in medical billing and coding?  And what type of personality is most likely to succeed in medical billing classes online?  The logical assumptions hold up to scrutiny.  For example, the medical billing specialist must be able to handle stress well.  This profession demands long […]

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No Campus Housing for Medical Billing Courses Online

Depending on how you look at it, taking medical billing courses online either protects a student against the injustices of campus living, or it robs a student of the formative experiences of living alone for the first time in campus housing.  In reality, the Allen School does not offer a live-on-campus experience even for the […]

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Medical Office Assistant Doesn’t Make the List

Renowned financial website Kiplinger’s put out its 2015 list of the “Worst Jobs for the Future” this week.  This year’s list was dominated by construction and trade jobs like woodworking machine operator, cabinet maker, drywall installer, sewing machine operator, tile setter and metal/plastic molding machine operator.  Also on the list were jobs in dying industries […]

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Happy Labor Day Nursing Assistants Everywhere

There is honor in all work no matter how high minded or menial.  It is an inherently selfless act that produces the value every worker requires to feed his or her family and to provide value to the greater community at large.  Perhaps no labor is more selfless than that of those in the medical […]

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