Medical Billing and Coding Classes Online to Beat the Heat

This entire week in the New York Metropolitan area is forecast to be exceptionally hot with very high humidity.  That combination of weather conditions ensures there will be a spike in instances of health issues resulting from the heat.  Heatstroke, dehydration, heat exhaustion, sunburn, asthma and other respiratory distresses all increase when the weather is […]

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21st Century Skills Every Medical Office Assistant Student Needs

The knowledge people need to succeed is increasingly divergent from what they’re actually learning in school.   Traditional thinking about learning is seemingly no longer effective when it comes to providing students with the knowledge and understanding they need to survive according to the World Economic Forum report New Vision for Education: Fostering Social and Emotional […]

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Online Medical Coding Class Students: Secure Your WiFi!

encrypted wifi best for medical coding online class

When you decided to take an online medical coding class, you splurged a little bit and purchased a new laptop to aid in your un-tethered study-lifestyle.  After all, online medical coding classes are best executed if your computer is speedy and not prone to “hang ups” due to overtaxed system resources or worse, crashes and […]

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Learn About New Public Health Issue to Aid in Nursing Assistant Training

For those students of the Allen School engaged in nursing assistant training, this blog always strives to cover the latest public health issues as they emerge.  Of course, this blog is not in any way meant to be an instructional aid.  We leave this important work to the experts and thought leaders among our esteemed […]

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What Microsoft’s Purchase of Linkedin Means for Medical Office Assistants


You may have heard that Microsoft recently announced its acquisition of popular business-social network, LinkedIn for the princely sum of $26.2 billion.  Why should this matter to you as a medical office assistant training student with Allen School? First, if you’re planning to study (or complete your studies) with the Allen School and enter the […]

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Allen School Blog Wishes All a Happy 4th of July


To all the medical billing and coding online students, To all the nursing assistant certification seekers, To all the diligent medical office assistants out there, From all of us at the Allen School Blog, Have a happy, safe and healthy Fourth of July. Happy Birthday America!

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3 Good Questions in Medical Office Assistant Jobs Interviews

job interview

Going out into the field to land medical office assistant jobs can be a bit nerve wracking.  Actually, that’s true when interviewing for almost any job.  But, if you’re a person prone to proper planning – and it seems you are as evidenced by the fact that you studied at the Allen School before going […]

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Fast Food that Doesn’t Provide Job Security to Certified Nursing Assistants

mclobster keeps certified nursing assistants in biz

It has been over a year since this blog looked at gruesome fast food offerings.  For a while between 2011 and 2014, this blogger ran regular articles half-jokingly asserting that fast food restaurants in the US were actively working to ensure there was no shortage of demand for certified nursing assistants.  With each restaurant chain […]

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Medical Billing Online Students, Update Windows or PAY!

Windows-10 upgrade for Medical Billing Online

For the past year or so, this blog has been periodically reporting on the new Windows 10 operating system and the saga of users being nagged to death to take the free update.  If you have been procrastinating and trying to avoid updating the computer you use to study medical billing online classes, there’s good […]

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