Job Interviewers’ Pants are On Fire!

Despite the fact that there is strong, sustained demand for people with medical billing and coding certification, the fact is, finding a new job is time consuming and complicated.  You can expect to send out dozens of resumes and partake of numerous interviews.  Yet, the majority of your efforts will be met with rejection.  Ultimately, you’re well-prepared to find a job as a medical billing specialist with your degree from the Allen School.  But along the way, you can expect to endure a bunch of lies from the people interviewing you. This does not make the interviewers bad people.  Okay, maybe some of them are not great people, but the fact is, they see so many candidates – both qualified candidates like you and unqualified people too – they cannot always do the right thing by each and every one of the hundreds of people they speak to each week. US News put together this insightful piece about the 8 lies interviewers tell candidates.  And while it may be a bit disheartening to read, it does provide you with the insight needed to remain resolute and ultimately land the gig you want.  Here are a few of the lies you’ve surely encountered:
  • “We’ll keep your résumé on file.”
  • “We’ll let you know about future opportunities.”
  • “We’ll get back to you in two weeks.”
Click here to read the entire article which provides insight into why these lies are told and what you can do to minimize the impact of being lied to in such a fashion while seeking a great position as a medical billing and coding professional.

2 Responses to “Job Interviewers’ Pants are On Fire!”

  1. The interviewers are lying not only in the medical billing and coding profession, but is spread across all the industries to some what lesser extent. We can see them as lies or we can see them as politely saying “no” to the candidate without hurting his ego. By blatantly saying “no”, the candidate’s confidence may go down.

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