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healthcare training schools don't turn out endangered species

Healthcare training schools don’t turn out endangered species!

So, what do mail carriers, farmers, meter readers, newspaper reporters, travel agents, lumberjacks, flight attendants, drill press operators, printing workers and tax collectors have in common?  They’re all endangered species.  Yes, that’s right.  These ten jobs top the list of the most endangered occupations by Forbes magazine.  Notice that many of these jobs have a commonality – paper.  Yep, the mailman, the lumberjack, newspaperman, printer and others all serve industries where paper – and the decreasing use of which – is being phased out.  You know who’s not on the list?  Jobs that you can enter after completing healthcare training school.  Not least of which is online medical billing and coding which is done electronically, thereby decreasing even more the need for paper!  Below is the list from Forbes.  You should be commended for deciding on healthcare training school to pursue a career in a field that is most definitely NOT  endangered.

1. MAIL CARRIER Median Salary: $53,100 Hiring Outlook: -28%

2. FARMER Median Salary: $69,300 Hiring Outlook: -19%

3. METER READER Median Salary: $36,410 Hiring Outlook: -19%

4. NEWSPAPER REPORTER Median Salary: $37,090 Hiring Outlook: -13%

5. TRAVEL AGENT Median Salary: $34,600 Hiring Outlook: -12%

6. LUMBERJACK Median Salary: $24,340 Hiring Outlook: -9%

7. FLIGHT ATTENDANT Median Salary: $37,240 Hiring Outlook: -7%

8. DRILL-PRESS OPERATOR Median Salary: $32,950 Hiring Outlook: -6%

9. PRINTING WORKER Median Salary: $34,100 Hiring Outlook: -5%

10. TAX EXAMINER AND COLLECTOR Median Salary: $50,440 Hiring Outlook: -4%

Article updated April 4, 2024

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