Back to School for Adults (Healthcare Training School that is)

adults in schoolIts back to school time!  “Hooray” shout countless moms and dads who have had just about enough of their children’s summertime shenanigans! But it is not just a time of the year to think about sending kiddos back to school.  If you’re an adult who is in need of a career change and seeking a pathway to more rewarding and gainful employment, then you may also be considering doing some “back to schooling” of your own. If this describes where you are in your life at this point, you may wish to consider enrolling in healthcare training school with the Allen School.  Here you can gain certification to be a nursing assistant, a medical assistant or even a medical billing and coding professional.  All three jobs are in high demand and the healthcare field is among the top on every list of the most stable jobs with good long term prospects. Going back to school for an adult is a different exercise for an adult as it is for a kid.  So we’ve found a great piece that delivers some very sound advice for grownups re-entering the school environment.  To summarize, the tips are:
  • Get Financial Help
  • Keep a strict schedule
  • Get your sleep
  • Delegate and learn to say no
  • Create a support group
Courtney Buell developed this list in an eZine article you can read here for the details on why each of these five tips is valuable to the adult rejoining the academic world.  You can do it!


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