Healthcare Training School Postgraduate Tip #17: These Don’t Belong in a Professional Communications

OMGWhat’s wrong with this letter? “Dear Ms. Jones, Hiya!  Thx for seeing me earlier today 4 my job interview.  U were the shizz and I loved the story about your pet cat Peaches – LOLZ!  I hope ur considering hiring me as I need to get out of my current job because my boss here is such a jerk!  I just can’t wait to tell him off in my resignation email.  Anyway, thx again for ur time and I hope you won’t hold it against me for being 2 mins late.  I had a flat tire and then once I changed it, I got caught behind a long train followed by a tornado and a swarm of locusts.  But I called my momz and she sent my uncle Jim down in his taxi, and after he stopped at the liquor store to cash a check, he was able to bring me to the interview. Ur pal, Johnny D” Ok, by now you’ve probably caught on to what I am trying to convey here.  There are a good number of things you should studiously avoid when writing professional communications of any kind.  Whether these be emails, letters, job applications or resignations, take care to put your most professional voice forward. The folks at have published a list of 7 things you should never write in a professional email. The comical example above included several of these seven such as:
  • Informalities (LOL, WTF?, SMH, etc.)
  • Negativity (My old boss is a dufus!)
  • Disagreements (My co-workers are lazy)
  • Resignations (Dear boss, take this job and shove it!)
But there are more.  They teach you all you need to know about becoming a CNA, or a medical billing specialist in healthcare training school.  But lessons about how to succeed in the workplace are not necessarily included and are learned the hard way by most.  Don’t make these mistakes after working so hard to gain your new credential!  

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