Become a Millionaire Medical Assistant

more moneyOK, let me state at the outset, I am not saying that if you earn a certification as a medical assistant that you will automatically become a millionaire.  Achieving that level of financial excellence requires a lifetime of hard work and discipline.  However, reading an article in Inc. magazine over the weekend on 20 Easy Things that Will Make You the Next Millionaire, I realized, medical assistant students at the Allen School already have a number of these 20 factors well within their grasp. Of course, some of these things would be hard for anyone, not just a medical assistant training student.  Things like “paying your credit cards to zero every month”, “getting a second job” and “spending less than you earn” are things many of us wish we could manage, but for whatever reasons are unable to accomplish at this time.  Of course these are goals we can all work toward. However, many of the things on this list are things that the typical medical assistant trainee already has working in their favor.  The typical Allen School student already succeeds at:
  • Working hard and diligently;
  • Not being afraid to have “big” vision;
  • Exercising patience;
  • Doing what you enjoy and, most importantly;
  • Investing in yourself
Those five out of 20 things means that you, medical assistant trainee, are already a quarter of the way toward mastering the behaviors that can lead you to retire a millionaire.  Get the rest of your studies completed and take heed of the financial lessons also discussed in this article and who knows?  You could one day be a millionaire!

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