Killer Android Voice Recorder Good for Medical Assistant Training

voice-recordingLectures and classroom discussions are often chock full of dense, idea-rich content.  Especially in healthcare training schools where medical assistant training and other detailed classes are held.  If you’re like me, you cannot possibly take comprehensive notes quickly enough.  Or if you do, you’ve focused so much mental energy on transcribing, that you’re not actually listening to the point being made by the instructor.  Then the exercise becomes reading your notes at a later time and trying to piece together the broader points being made in the class. Here’s the solution!  The Cogi voice recording app for Android phones – as reviewed by the keen minds at – provides the most amazing functionality you’ll find in voice recorders today.  You can use it record the lecture, or if you’re studying medical coding online with Allen School, you can use it to record conference calls, Skype sessions, you name it! I have been using a similar product for years to record business calls, lectures and other public speaking events.  I recently upgraded to the Cogi app (disclosure: I am NOT being paid by nor have I any relation to the producers of Cogi) and couldn’t be more pleased not only with the sound quality of the recording but also with the convenient controls it offers.  Have a look at the Lifehacker review then do yourself a favor and download it.  Best of all, its FREE!

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