Customize that Resume to Land a Medical Assistant Job

The Allen School blog has done a lot of posting about job searches, resume tips, cover letter etiquette, etc.  But this article from the Huffington Post is about the very best piece this blogger has seen on the topic of resume efficacy.  It blends the best practices for building a resume that passes muster with the ATS or applicant tracking systems (automated resume screening robots) with excellent tips for making the same resume attractive to live, human hiring managers. The contemporary resume is far different than the resume that would have been considered appropriate 10 years ago.  The ATS technology alone has revolutionized the way resumes need to be crafted.  But plenty of bad advice about writing for robot readers has rendered many resumes unreadable by the humans that will receive your candidacy from the robot should your resume make the cut. So read the article here and I promise, if you’re done with your medical assistant training program at Allen School, and you’re getting ready to look for a new job, and you follow these instructions carefully, your resume will land you the interview! Article last updated April 5, 2024

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