Lighten Up With Laughter Medical Assistants

Hey medical assistants and those still enrolled in medical assistant classes!  I know things can get hairy sometimes.  Some days you wish you could have just stayed in bed.  Particularly when its day 10 of heat and humidity in the grip of a heatwave.  Whether you’re already working in the field as a medical assistant or working hard to become one, we all have bad days. If today is “one of those days” for you, fear not!  The writers here at the Allen School Blog have your back.  We’re here on the spot to provide a bit of care and treatment of our own.  Humor therapy if you will.  No we’re not doctors (or medical assistants for that matter), but we’re pretty sure the following prescription will be just what the doctor blogger ordered to return a smile to your face.  View this cool list of 10 things to rediscover and we’re certain you’ll begin to feel better about whatever may be troubling you at the moment.  Call us in the morning to let us know if it worked.  😉

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