Choosing Where to Live and Work After Medical Assistant School

NYC is the most expensive place to live as a medical assistantSo you’re just about done with your medical assisting classes.  Or perhaps you’ve just decided to make a positive change in your life by enrolling in medical assisting classes with the Allen School.  In either case, you’re looking ahead affirmatively to a better, more financially rewarding career.  And while the jobs in this field remain plentiful across these great United States, it is worth remembering that the dollar you earn here in New York City doesn’t buy as much as it will elsewhere. One of the best things about having a good career – like one as a medical assistant – is the mobility that comes with the augmented earning power.  You can decide where best to begin your new career with the diploma in your hand.  But choose wisely because some cities are exceptionally affordable while others are extraordinarily expensive.  Fret not though, the kind folks at Kiplinger’s have produced the most current top ten lists of the most affordable and most expensive cities to live in. The short story is that coastal cities like NYC, San Francisco, San Diego, DC and LA are all premium when it comes to cost of living.  I guess that comes with the superior night life, arts, natural beauty, beaches and other premium amenities.  If you want to live cheaply, places in the middle – Augusta GA, Temple, TX, Wichita Falls, TX and other landlocked states offer the greatest value for your dollar, both in terms of housing and cost of goods/services.  So choose wisely, but be proud that you’ve earned for yourself the increased mobility that even allows for such considerations.  And view the whole list as a slideshow at the Kiplinger’s site to see where you may like to be!

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