Medical Assistant Heal Thy… Instructor?

There’s nothing quite like hands-on instruction when it comes to learning things.  Whether it be medical assisting training or learning to fly a commercial airliner, going through the physical motions of performing key tasks is always a more visceral instruction than simply reading about theory from a book. This is why Allen School instructors take advantage of every opportunity to provide a hands-on learning experience to their medical assisting classes.  Just like the aviation schools use flight simulators to avoid actual crashes while teaching pilots, the Allen School, for example, uses so called “CPR manikins” for students to simulate chest compressions without accidentally breaking real live ribs. One medical assisting school found its students in the position of having to perform real life, hands on life saving procedures recently when an instructor at  the Uintah Basin Applied Technology school in Utah collapsed with heart failure.  Read the incredible story of how these quick thinking students used the training they were receiving to resuscitate the teacher and save her life. Let’s hope that this really, really hands-on methodology for teaching CPR is not adopted by any of the faculty here at the Allen School.  But if it were to happen, we’re certain Allen School medical assisting trainees would rise to the occasion just as well as their Utah counterparts.  Our hats are off to those medical assisting students and their quick thinking!

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