Body Language Tips for Medical Assistant Job Hunters

Getting the job you want is a multi-faceted process and one which requires sufficient planning in order to succeed.  Studying to earn your certification from the Allen School as a medical assistant is but the first milestone.  With the solid education under your belt, you must begin the journey through hunting for positions, writing resumes, negotiating preliminary phone interviews, buying the right clothes for interviewing and then, ultimately, sitting across the table from a live hiring manager whose job it is to disqualify weak candidates.  So if you’ve navigated the majority of these steps and stand ready to enter the office of the hiring manager, here are some tips to make sure you come across as the best medical assistant candidate for the position. Almost as important as what you say during your interview is what your body says without using a single word.  Just like a poor poker player, your true feelings can be telegraphed and revealed by the way you comport yourself physically during the interview.  Things like posture, eye contact, voice, excessive nodding of the head, “talking with the hands” and bouncing a nervous knee are all “tells” that can alert your interviewer to possible underlying issues with you as a candidate.  These things should all be acknowledged and guarded against.  Want to know more?  Visit this article at job site for the details and be as great an interview subject as you are a medical assistant certificate holder from the Allen School.

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