Medical Assistant Training Doesn’t Cover Dealing with Annoying Co-Workers

medical assistants are good coworkers, but not everyone else is

How to Deal with Unpleasant Co-Workers Like this Guy

First off, let me make clear, horrible co-workers can be found in every career field, not just in the medical office field.  However, if you’re just wrapping up your medical assistant training and getting ready to wade into the workforce, you should be prepared with the following information with regard to the types and varieties of bad co-workers you’ll no doubt encounter on your path. And since I bet they don’t teach this stuff in medical assistant classes, I, your humble blogmaster, am here to fill in this important gap in your preparation for a new career.  You can thank me later.The folks at job board, have been kind enough to chronicle the 25 species of co-workers you may encounter and, more importantly, how to keep their buffonery from impacting on your hard-work and dedication to the job.  There are alot of numbskulls you’ll run into in the workplace – the slacker, the gossip, the suck-up, the complainer, the chatterbox, the schmoozer, the smiling backstabber, the thief, the control freak and many othersRead the article from Monster here to learn how to counteract the effects of each of these dolts.Also, let me make clear that for every joker you may encounter on the job as a medical assistant, you’re likely to meet 20 really awesome co-workers.  This is especially true in the medical field which by nature, is full of people who truly wish to make a difference and provide comfort to the afflicted.  It’s just fun on a Monday morning to vent a bit about some of our least favorite co-workers.  Enjoy!

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