Medical Assistants in the Hot Jobs Spotlight

It ‘s getting to be an almost commonplace occurrence, that medical assistant is included in media stories about “where the jobs are”.  This week is not going to be the week the trend is interrupted.  In an article with the optimistic title, “In-Demand Careers With a Bright Future”, Yahoo news reports on five careers that are projected to experience fast growth through 2020.  And you’ll never guess who was on that list.  Spoiler alert:  it’s medical assistants!   Citing the oncoming wave of retiring Baby Boomers and the fact that this particular type of work cannot be outsourced or automated, the article says a 31% growth rate in the medical assistant field is to be expected between now and the end of the decade.  So, if you’re already enrolled in Allen School’s medical assistant training program, you’re well on your way to a secure job.  If you’re not yet enrolled, and thinking of enrolling, here’s another reason why you should make the call.

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