Medical Assistants Are Salesmen (Or They Should Be)

Going to medical assistant school prepares one for a career in the healthcare field.  Studying to become a medical assistant at the Allen School offers even greater preparation than other medical assistant schools.  But, what medical assistant trainees should also be studying is sales.  Yes, you read that right, I said “sales”.  If you’re to become a successful medical assistant, you need to first become an exceptional salesman or saleswoman.  “Why” you ask?  Because everything you’ll do in your new career is going to depend on the extent to which you can sell things. Consider that before you even begin at a new position, you’ll have to sell a hiring manager somewhere that you’re prepared, qualified and temperamentally suited to the position they’re seeking to fill.  This requires poise, determination and persuasion (just what you’d expect from a salesperson).  Once you’ve landed a job, you’re going to need to convince patients that you’re giving them advice they can trust.  You’re also going to need to sell yourself and your accomplishments when you go in search of advancement or pay raises from your employer.  All these things require you to assume the posture and mindset of a salesmen.  If any of this sounds off-putting, don’t fret!  The nice folks over at US News & World Report have compiled a list of the 5 sales skills everyone needs.  Even medical assistants.   Go ahead and read their piece here and take the ideas to heart as you embark on your career.

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