Healthy Behaviors Promote Better Memory for the Medical Assistant

Like any course of study, medical assistant school requires strong memory performance if the student is to master the manifold processes and practices required to attain a career as a medical assistant.  Further, medical assistants, by nature of the industry they serve, must be champions of health and healthy behaviors.  After all, a big part of medical practice is to help keep patients healthy and educating them on which behaviors are positive and which are potentially damaging to their well-being. Reading this article posted at Huffington Post, we learn that there is a strong correlation between healthy behaviors such as proper diet, attention to maintaining a good level of physical activity and mental acuity.  Simply put, science is revealing that those who eat well and exercise not only enjoy better overall health and longevity, but also improved memory.  So if you’re currently enrolled in medical assistant training in NYC at the Allen School or if you’re considering a career as a medical assistant, you should treat your body well and in so doing, you’ll also have an easier time with the course work and ultimately, become a credible champion for healthy behaviors in the healthcare position(s) you’ll hold once you enter the workforce.

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