The Spacewalker and the Medical Assistant

Sometimes things just seem impossible.  Whether it is for the person trying to break into a new career field like medical office assistant or for the person looking to make a world record shattering skydive, the feelings are the same.  “It cannot be done” they’ll hear people say.  “You’ll never make it” others will add.  You may hear so much nay-saying, you may even begin to believe that you cannot succeed in earning your certification as a medical assistant.  But you’d be dead wrong to stop trying. Ask Felix Baumgartner, the man who just rode in a space capsule, tethered to a weather balloon, to the outer reaches of Earth’s atmosphere – three times higher than the highest airliner – and jumped out with a parachute.  You can be sure they told Felix that his dream jump was impossible; that he’d never make it.  Yet, with the support of a team of dedicated scientists and well-wishers, Baumgartner made the history-making leap from 24 miles above the earth (watch footage of the amazing feat here.) Don’t let anyone try and talk you out of going to the Allen School to study medical assistant training.  You can do it with the support of our team of educators, administrators and your friends and family who love you.  You just have to want it like Felix wanted his dream, and you too can make it happen!

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