Completed Medical Billing Classes Online? Learn How to Ace Job Interviews Online

medical billing classes online lead to job interviews online

Don’t listen to the overconfident baby. Pants are NOT optional during a Skype job interview!

So you’re no rookie.  You’ve recently completed your medical billing classes online with the Allen School.  You’re ready to take your new education out for a spin through the job marketplace. It probably won’t surprise you to learn then, that much of the “legwork” involved in running down promising jobs and then negotiating first, second and third interviews doesn’t actually require the use of your legs anymore.  Just like the education process, the hiring process has also been largely transitioned over to the online space.  Even the second or third interview – the “face-to-face” – may be convened using Skype or other popular webcam sharing apps. Did you know that there are new and exciting ways to blow the job interview using this exciting technology?  Of course you did!  But for those who may not be as savvy, let’s take a look at this “Ultimate Guide to Acing the Skype Job Interview” courtesy of the nice folks over at Skype.  It has some suggestions that I would hope would be common sense such as, “Make sure you’re wearing pants”. (?!?) There are other good tips here for maximizing your opportunities through technology while job hunting.  And, if you’re not hip to Skype, you should definitely check it out!

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