Happy Medical Office Assistants Succeed

unhappiness doesnt suit medical office assistantsEven with a top-notch medical office assistants degree like the one you’ll get at Allen School, it is more difficult to succeed in a career (and life in general) if you’re unhappy all the time.  Think about it, we’ve all known that perennially dour person.  You know the one.  He or she is always wearing a scowl, has nothing positive to say about anyone or anything, always ready to talk trash or say things to deflate the achievements of others.  Real Debbie or Donnie Downers. As it turns out, those sad sacks fall into their depressing behavior – whether they realize it or not – by practicing a set of 7 habits that all chronically unhappy people seem to have in common.  Life coach, speaker and writer, Tamara Star published a piece on the Huffington Post recently called The 7 Habits of Chronically Unhappy People, listing these 7 deadly (to your happiness) habits.  Here is the list of seven habits that may make you an unhappy person:
  1. Your default belief is that life is hard.
  2. You believe most people can’t be trusted.
  3. You concentrate on what’s wrong in this world versus what’s right.
  4. You compare yourself to others and harbor jealousy
  5. You strive to control your life.
  6. You consider your future with worry and fear.
  7. You fill your conversations with gossip and complaints.
Nobody wants to work with or otherwise be near to people who are chronically sad, spiteful, bitter or generally unhappy.  Certainly, no sick patient wants to be attended to by medical office assistants who are obviously unhappy.  Understanding how our habits may unconsciously drive our behavior is key to moderating feelings of unhappiness.  Since you’re considering a career in care giving, it may pay to read this article and guard against habits that may impact your ability to be effective in your chosen field.  

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