We’re the Number One Medical Billing Blog!!!

We’re the Number One Medical Billing Blog

It is with a great sense of accomplishment that I am able to share with you, our readers and students of medical billing, medical coding, medical office assistant (and all other courses of study at Allen School) that our humble blog has been named the Number One medical billing blog by World Wide Learn. World Wide Learn is an online resource for the educational needs of today’s students.  They recently put together a list of the top 10 blogs for medical billing and named us number one!!!  According to WorldWideLearn,
“Medical billing offers opportunities whether an individual is just starting a career or already employed but looking for an alternative path. Medical records management provides jobs for people who are interested in health care but prefer office work to hands-on, clinical patient care. Based on our opinions, we at WorldWideLearn.com believe these blogs share informative insights for both aspiring technicians and specialists who are currently employed in medical billing”
Then they had some very nice things to say about the blogging coverage we work so hard to provide to not only our medical billing and coding students but also to our certified nursing assistant program students and all others at Allen School.  So please join me in hoisting a virtual, celebratory pint for having been recognized for excellence.  And get used to the feeling because as an Allen School grad, you’ll be regarded in the same positive light!  

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