Productivity Tips for Medical Billing and Coding Online Students

Online Medical Billing and Coding Productivity TipsStudying by remote, much like working by remote, can be challenging from a productivity standpoint.  Of course, it is easier to get away with procrastinating, goofing off and being distracted when there isn’t a professor or boss there keeping you focused on the tasks at hand.  Like many fields of study, medical billing and coding can get rather in depth and as far as subject matter goes, it can be pretty dense at times.  So you’re not outside the norm if your thoughts start to wander from time to time.  Staying productive however, is key to success not only in studies, but in the work world as well.  “Well then” you’re probably asking, “how to maintain focus and keep productivity high during online studies?”  I am glad you asked!  Justin Jackson over at wrote a piece called, “Things I’ve Quit Doing at my Desk” in which he shares the behaviors that he recognizes as productivity drains.  His piece starts out with this, “We do all sorts of things at our desks that aren’t real work, or affect our ability to produce our best work. We need to start thinking of our desks as workstations.”  I recommend reading the rest of the insightful piece here and then think about some of the behaviors you partake of that may be cutting into your productivity as an online student of medical billing and coding.  How could you improve your output through a few small behavioral tweaks?

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