Medical Bills May Be Killing Us, But Medical Billing and Coding Pros Prosper

Time magazine has a controversial article out in their current issue talking about the complexity and inefficiency of the current state of medical billing.  It raises several hot button issues surrounding how healthcare policy is determined in the US.  According to the research they cite, the following statistic jumps off the page, “We’re likely to spend $2.8 trillion this year on health care. That $2.8 trillion is likely to be $750 billion, or 27%, more than we would spend if we spent the same per capita as other developed countries, even after adjusting for the relatively high per capita income in the U.S. vs. those other countries.” Wherever you come down on the political argument over healthcare and how to manage the seemingly limitless growth of costs, one thing is abundantly clear.  If you’re a medical billing and coding specialist, you’re going to continue to have more work than you can handle.  And given the government’s recent inability to agree on anything, it seems things will remain this way for years to come.  This is why career minded people of all ages are pursuing careers in medical billing and coding.

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  1. As an Aussie moving to Montana shortly I have been looking into all things related to health care costs in the U.S. and I must say it is scary. I thought our system was bad in that we have a double tiered system and are still out of pocket because what the government says is a fair fee is totally out of touch with what the Australian Medical Association says. Unfortunately it looks like it is even worse in the USA.

    • Anthony

      Well, welcome to the US Lyn. There is plenty of good stuff to outweigh the bad here. I do wish they’d come up with a more sane system for delivering healthcare to everyone.

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