Online Medical Billing and Coding Students – Careful Upgrading Cell Phones

Those studying medical billing and coding through the Allen School Online program are a tech savvy lot.  Moreso than many others, these students rely on their computers and handheld smart phones (which pack more power than the laptops of even 10 years ago).  In our light speed modern world, we frequently upgrade to the next greatest piece of technology, on average, about once every two years.  Smart online medical billing and coding students know to “wipe” or reformat their old phones’ memory banks before recycling or trading them in.  But did you know that even if you take all the precautions recommended to protect your personal information when trading in a phone, much of the data you think you’ve removed can still be resurrected by someone who knows how to do it?  Yep.  It’s true!  Read the article here from Wired magazine that explains how smart criminals, using the same forensic technologies as law enforcement, can access deleted photos, bank account info, location logs and much more.  Pretty much anything you’ve done with your phone may still be uncovered, even if you think you’ve deleted it all.  My advice to online medical billing and coding students is to pass their old phones along to trusted friends or family.  Failing that, perhaps smash them with a hammer or run them over with your car.  Not cost effective to be sure, but gratifying in a strange way.

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  1. Interesting that the information can be recovered so easily. It seems that the master reset option on iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone should protect you from this. Perhaps it may be helpful to run the reset process a few times in a row.

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