Check Out the Boss When Applying for Medical Billing Jobs

You’re handy with a computer and the internet if you’re studying medical billing online classes with the Allen School.  So we’d recommend leveraging your online acumen to do a bit of research on your would-be boss once you’ve earned your medical coding certificate and begin applying for jobs. Just like the prospective employer is surely going to check you out both in the real world and the online world, you’re able to check the employer out as well.  Visit sites like and where you can access information about the person or persons who would be your boss at any of the places you’ll apply.  I am not saying anyone needs to turn down gainful employment opportunities in this tough economy.  However, you’d be surprised how much you can learn about a boss (or how much they can learn about you) online.  If the person is known for being abusive, coercive, exploitive or unfair, you’re better off passing on the role and looking elsewhere. So add the “boss check” to your job hunting process and take this easy and valuable step just before you accept any offer.  You may be very glad you did.

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