Medical Billing Manager is a Top Earning and “Low Cost of Entry” Career

This video by Farnoosh Torabi of Yahoo! Finance chronicles the leading, high-paying jobs that do not require the budget-busting costs associated with a 4 year college program.  Finding good paying careers that require a shorter commitment of time and money invested in studies can be difficult, but not if you’re looking at medical billing and coding as an option.  In fact, medical billing manager is one of the jobs mentioned in the article attached to this video (read it here).  But the video does explain why jobs in every aspect of the healthcare field are in great supply today.  It is not news to anyone that the wave of retiring baby boomers is fueling a surge in healthcare hiring that will last for at least 20 years. Yet many may not be aware that the cost of entry into a career as a medical billing specialist is inexpensive compared to many other programs where post-graduation employment may be far more difficult to come by.  So have a look at the above video and consider studying medical billing and coding for a career among those projected to be solid earners for decades to come.

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