Medical Billing Online: Today’s Innovation is Tomorrow’s Antique

The ability to study medical billing and coding online with the Allen School Online is a pretty amazing achievement of technological advancement.  True, the internet has wrought significant change to nearly every industry and impacted the way we all live our lives.  Its not just online schools for medical billing representing this quantum leap.  Today, some surgeries are even performed over the web by doctors in other physical locations using online technology. So we may all take for granted a little bit, just how far the technology has come.  If you really want to get some perspective on how far the medical industry has progressed, you can take a look at the health and medicine section of one of my favorite sites: The folks at Retronaut post images from the last few centuries of human experience and evolution.  Take a look at their health and medicine images here and you’ll have a whole new outlook on just how amazing the technology has become to enable not just the study of medical billing and coding, but medicine in general.

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