Medical Billing Specialist – A Job NOT Headed for Extinction

Medical billing specialists are not DinosaursIts always heartening to learn that the job field you’re in (or working towards entering) is a stable and secure one.  Seems like daily you can read articles in the news about jobs being outsourced to lower cost labor markets or being rendered obsolete by robotics/automation.  That’s why I make it a regular feature of the Allen School Blog to find the opposite kinds of articles – those illustrating the health of the career market for medical billing specialist jobs – and share them with the readers here. The latest such piece of positive material comes to us via Andrea Duchon at Yahoo!   In her piece entitled “5 Jobs Nearing Extinction – And What’s Taking Their Place“, Duchon serves up 5 time-tested occupations that are going the way of the proverbial dinosaur. That is, 5 jobs that are soon to be extinct.  She then explains why each job listed is fading away.  In nearly all cases, there is a more 21st century equivalent to the disappearing job.  One that requires updated skills and perspectives from the industry it inhabits. You’ll be glad to know that while computer technology is rendering filing clerks obsolete, the area of Medical Records and Health Information Technician is expected to grow more than 21% in the decade between 2010 and 2020.  So, if you’re studying to become a medical billing specialist with Allen School, you’re golden!  Carry On!

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