Hey Online Medical Billing Students – Protect Your Home Network

medical billing onlineStudying from home with Allen School Online is a greatly convenient way to earn an exciting new career.  However, like anything else, this activity comes with some risks.  Maintaining a robust computer network at home – something that is common among online medical billing students – requires knowledge of some basic network security practices to ensure your computers aren’t hacked by thieves or scammers. Yahoo! Tech columnist Dan Tynan published a list of 10 ways you can protect your home network from unwanted intrusion.  Some of these are pretty easy and well known like ensuring you have activated the security features of your wireless router and keeping your anti-virus software up to date.  Others are less intuitive but no less useful like using two-factor authentication and being cognizant of what you share on your social media sites. I highly recommend every online medical billing student take a few moments to read Tynan’s excellent article and make sure to keep your networks safe and sound from hackers and cyber thieves.  This way you’ll spend your time studying for your certification and not cleaning viruses from your hard drive.

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