Medical Technology – From Online Medical Billing Classes to Neural Bypass

Online medical billing classes leverage technology for your gain
Technology has always been at the forefront of medical advancements and never more so than it is today.   Consider the recent advance in neural bypass technology wherein neurosurgeons successfully connected the brain of a paralyzed man to his muscles using an innovative medical breakthrough known as “Neurobridge” technology. From a Live Science article which I recommend reading for its amazing content, “Neurobridge reroutes brain signals. The system combines a computer chip implanted in the brain, a brain-computer interface, and a sleeve that transmits electrical signals to the patient’s forearm and hand.” Breakthroughs such as this – helping the paralyzed to move again of their own volition – are one of the many reasons why a career in the medical field is such a rewarding one.  And while it doesn’t approach the same level of wonder, technology is also instrumental in helping to produce class after class of medical billing and coding specialists.  Allen School‘s online medical billing classes enable busy people to complete their certification from the comfort of their own home or any other internet-connected location they may choose. Article updated April 3, 2024

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