Be Nice to the Pizza Guy Medical Billing Specialists

Studying from home (or your selected remote location) is certainly a boon for those interested in a pursuing a medical billing & coding career.  The flexibility of online courses for medical billing and coding means you can have the flexible hours required to work a job to support your studies.  Like many, you’re probably taking the bold step of seeking certification in medical billing to improve your employment situation and avoid being stuck in low-paying jobs with severely limited earning potential; jobs like pizza delivery guy. Now, even if you’re not working as a pizza delivery guy to put yourself though medical billing and coding school, chances are, you’re going to order pizza delivery at times while studying diligently at home.  If you do, you should remember just how difficult a job like pizza deliveryman can be, especially for the low wages these workers earn.  With this in mind, I present to you Reader’s Digest’s list of 28 things your pizza guy won’t tell you.  This sometimes comical, sometimes depressing list should serve as a reminder to you of exactly what you’re working toward in your studies.  Study hard, get your medical billing certification and go out and land a job with real prospects.  Oh, and PLEASE, don’t forget to tip the pizza guy.  (Full disclosure: this blogger has done a stint as a pizza deliveryman as a younger fellow and this list is exceptionally accurate!)

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