Online Medical Billing Classes Require Functional Computers

As a current or prospective student taking medical billing classes online, one thing you know for sure is that you’ll need to have a computer that works well enough to ensure you can effectively study.  And although you’re in the medical field, you may not know a lot about how to keep your computer healthy.  Now, everyone knows about the threat of computer “viruses” and most understand that there are programs out there to both protect against such infections and to help cure your machine if you’ve already been infected. But beyond that, most are not well-versed on the differences between viruses, malware, adware and the other types of malicious code that can easily hinder your ability to study medical billing and coding online.  Thankfully, the geek squad over at has put together this excellent piece explaining the different types of threats out there and how to deal with each of them.  Have a look at their advice and then take the actions recommended to keep your computer humming nicely along.

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