Online Medical Billing and Coding Students, Protect Your Eyes

Yes, online students of medical billing and coding spend many hours in front of their computer terminals studying, reading, writing and interacting.  Even more so than their ground school counterparts studying such things as medical office assistants’ programs, certified nursing assistant training etc, the online students at Allen School rely on their computers greatly and spend alot of time looking at the monitor.  I suspect most of these medical billing and coding students have, at one time or another, found their eyes irritated, tired or otherwise bothered.  As a blogger and digital marketer, I too have run into this problem.   So I want to share with our readers some tips I got from the How-To Wiki at on methods for keeping your eyes fresh and healthy. The top 4 steps you can take to prevent eye strain (according to the article here) are: 1) Take breaks 2) Blink more often 3) Cut down on contrast 4) Avoid glare and tiny text Read the article for the details, but then take a few minutes away from your computer to give your peepers a rest!

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