Online Medical Billing Students, a Positive Rumor re: Microsoft

windows_xp_logoAs all our online medical billing classes are now more than aware, software leader, Microsoft recently discontinued its support for the wildly popular Windows XP operating system – a software loved and used by millions worldwide.  As a result, XP is now a wasteland of spammers, hackers and viruses.  As we reported here several weeks ago, Microsoft is now planning to phase out support for Windows 7, one of the operating systems they offered to replace XP (along with Vista, Windows 8 and the most current Windows 8.1). We know that Microsoft is close to releasing its newest (and if their PR is to be believed, greatest) operating system ever – Windows 9.  All of this is important to our online students who use computers to study their online medical billing classes.  It is a big deal because upgrading an operating system can cost several hundred dollars and none of us wants to be forced to upgrade early simply to pad Microsoft’s bottom line. This is why the following rumor is so tantalizing. According to Chris Smith of techie site, “The company is reportedly considering offering some sort of Windows 9 upgrade deal to XP, Vista and Windows 7 users, with a completely free upgrade option also on the table. This isn’t the first time free Windows 9 upgrade rumors have hit the web, but previous reports suggested that Windows Threshold (Windows 9’s internal codename) might launch as a free download to Windows 8.1 Update, and Windows 7 Service Pack 1 owners.” Check back here frequently, as we’ll continue to cover this story and keep you on top of changes that may affect your studies at the Allen School Online.

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