Getting Online Training for Medical Billing? Don’t Forget to Go Outside!

Online study to earn a medical billing & coding certification is truly a marvel of technology.  It’s so convenient and easy to study without having to leave the confines of your comfortable home.  Just settle in to your comfy chair, fire up the ‘ole laptop and get to work earning your certification in medical billing; a career field expected to continue to grow. But make sure you remember to get out of the chair, and more importantly, out of the house at very regular intervals.  In the video below, science explains why getting regular dosages of sunlight and being cognizant of the time you spend seated each day has significant ramifications for your physical health.  The medical billing and coding career is an office gig where you’ll likely be seated, indoors five days a week.  So it is critical to understand why standing and sunlight are important to your health.  Knowing the facts contained in this video should prompt you to build some “outside time” into your daily routine.  Especially if you live in an urban area.

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