5 Resume Mistakes for a Medical Billing Specialist to Avoid

Yes, we’ve published this type of post before.  But this latest article from the job board folks over at Monster.com has included some “don’ts” that are designed to address the most up-to-date best practices for resume writing. If you’re close to completing your online courses for medical billing and coding, you’re probably thinking ahead about how you’ll take your new medical billing certification and land a job with it.   The resume is the first shot to fire in the long battle for a good job.  Some of the mistakes in the linked article are regularly featured on these kinds of lists.  Things like spelling errors and staying true to who you are.  These are always true.  But as the nature of job hunting has changed by the recent explosion of hiring automation software, a new mistake has emerged among eager applicants.  The tendency to “stuff” keywords into your resume in order to get past the robot resume screening technology is understandable; but it is a mistake.  Another big no-no is failing to include a demonstration of the results you may have produced at earlier jobs (for those medical billing specialists who’ve held a few positions since graduation). Here’s a link to the article from Monster.  Read it because it has some fresh information along with some tried and true information too.  Good luck out there in the job hunt!

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