Security Update for Online Medical Billing Classes

One of the most liberating options for those interested in medical billing and coding school is taking medical billing classes online, from the comfort of, well, wherever you happen to be most comfortable.  Whether that is at your own kitchen table, or a cozy back booth at your favorite local java dispensary (coffee shop).  Training to become a medical billing specialist online saves time, money and sanity; especially if you have many other responsibilities to handle beside studying.  Additionally, the ever quickening pace of new wireless technologies in the form of powerful PDAs, tablets and other devices means students of medical billing classes online are doing more and more with their wireless devices.  Especially popular among the sea of wireless tools is the iPhone.  I have one, you have one, heck, even Grandpa Stan has one.  However, those studying crime as a career are also hard at work finding ways to steal what’s yours.  In this case, sensitive data like personal financial information from your wireless devices.  This is absolutely no reason at all to avoid online medical billing classes.  After all, it is only the easiest targets that thieves will take advantage of.  And, it’s not hard to make yourself a “hard target” to would-be wireless scammers.  All it takes is keeping up with the latest hacks, scams and other tricks used by thieves.  In that spirit, the Allen School Blog always tries to bring the latest and greatest threats to your attention.  Here’s a story from uber-geek gadget site, Gizmodo with the scoop on how crooks are using iPhone chargers to hack your phone.  Read it and learn simple ways to avoid this innovative grift.  Stay safe in cyberspace you medical billing specialists of tomorrow!

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