Keep Studying Medical Billing Students – Asteroid 2012DA-14 is No Threat

They say a strike by a large asteroid was the event that ended the age of dinosaurs on Earth some sixty-five million years ago.  So perhaps this is why apocalypse watchers were a bit excited to learn that today, an asteroid one hundred fifty feet wide is about to pass dangerously close to Earth.  So close in fact that it will be lower in altitude than many of our satellites.  But if you’re rooting for impact and the dawn of the next ice age, you’re going to be disappointed.  While the closest pass in recorded history, today’s asteroid encounter has zero chance of ending up with catastrophic impact.  It’s going to pass us by without any problems.  So students of medical billing and coding, if you were thinking you’d take the opportunity to dance with wild abandon, tick a few items of your bucket list or go off your diet and eat that leftover Valentine’s day candy, don’t do it.  We will live to fight another day here on Earth (or in your case, live to study medical billing and coding another day).  Unfortunately, we here in the Northeast will not be able to see the asteroid as it will be broad daylight when the pass-by happens.  But you will be able to see it online at the website here.  So since Allen School’s medical billing and coding program is available online, many of you may be in front of a computer at the right time to watch this rock go hurtling by.

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