Yahoo’s Milestone is one for Online Medical Billing Classes Too

20 years of medical billing classes onlineThose readers who are taking online medical billing classes as they begin their adult career lives grew up in the internet age and have little to no memory of the dark ages before the information superhighway.  For those readers who are taking online medical billing classes as part of a mid-life career change, prepare to feel old.  One of the foundational sites in the history of the internet – Yahoo! – turns twenty today! It may be hard to think of another site more closely associated with so many things internet related.  Yahoo! was the early search leader (before Google grew into the juggernaut it is).  Yahoo! was also one of the first sites to aggregate content – news, weather, finance, entertainment, etc.   It is still the chosen homepage of millions of users worldwide. At around the same time Yahoo! hit the scene, the newfangled internet was delivering another very important innovation to the world.  That is, the ability to cut the moorings of the educational process with the advancement of online study.  The internet brought learning from the “dirt world” campus/classroom paradigm into the study from home era.  What many of our students take as an article of faith today – that they can study medical billing and coding at exceptionally flexible times and places as dictated by their otherwise busy lives – was not an option before the birth of the modern internet as we now know and love it. So as we take this opportunity to wish Yahoo! a happy 20th Birthday, we should give thanks for the role the internet plays in our ability to study medical billing and coding from the comforts of our living rooms, favorite coffee shops or anywhere we so choose.

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