3 Good Questions in Medical Office Assistant Jobs Interviews

Healthcare Job Interview
Going out into the field to land medical office assistant jobs can be a bit nerve wracking.  Actually, that’s true when interviewing for almost any job.  But, if you’re a person prone to proper planning – and it seems you are as evidenced by the fact that you studied at the Allen School before going out in search of medical office assistant jobs – you’ll probably like this list of three powerful questions to ask in your next interview.

‘Why is this position available?’

This question demonstrates a healthy level of curiosity and interest.  It is non-confrontational and at the same time, helps you to understand more about the history of the company and the position.  The answer you’ll get to this question will likely shed some light on whether the medical office assistant job you’ve applied for is the result of the company growing or because of turnover in the role.  Both of which are good things to know about the gig.

‘How does this job interact with the direction of the department and the company at large?

Asking this question will give you insight into the larger themes at play in the department where you’d be working and the company overall.  Understanding the broad, thematic forces driving the company’s direction (and the role of hiring within it) gives you better perspective on how to sell your skills in ways that are relevant to the job and the company.

‘What do you like most about working here?’

Enthusiasm is hard to hide.  Asking this question can often help you to decipher if the workplace is truly a positive, affirmative place.  If they place is a happy environment, you’ll be able to tell in the interviewer’s smile as they tell you about their favorite things regarding the workplace.  If they have very perfunctory and joyless responses, that can indicate the opposite.  Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of “Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job,” explains the benefit of asking this question.  “Are they thrilled about mentoring their staff, their product or service, the innovative atmosphere? Do they focus on only growth numbers and minimizing expenses, with no mention of the team, training, or growth opportunities? It gives you a sneak preview into your prospective manager’s priorities and all-important personality. This is where it pays to have your people radar up, to evaluate if this is a boss you can respect.”
Happy medical office assistant jobs hunting to all!

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