Allen School Blog Stands with Orlando

Orlando Shooting Support Symbol
Tragically, this blog marks the grim news of the 50 killed and 53 injured in this country’s latest instance of gun violence.  We here at the Allen School Blog stand in solidarity with the LGBT community of Orlando, Florida and all members of that city grappling with the unspeakable hatred and evil that has been inflicted upon all of us as Americans. Whether these senseless killings were driven by religious fundamentalism, or hatred against people for their sexual orientation, the fact is that it was an act of pure malevolence.  There can be no room in a free society for those who would seek to impose their will or viewpoints upon others at the point of a gun.  As the details continue to trickle out, let’s all. as Americans, treat one another with dignity and respect, and to resolve our differences without resorting to prejudice, enmity or violence.    

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