Medical Billing Online Students, Update Windows or PAY!

Windows-10 upgrade for Medical Billing Online
For the past year or so, this blog has been periodically reporting on the new Windows 10 operating system and the saga of users being nagged to death to take the free update.  If you have been procrastinating and trying to avoid updating the computer you use to study medical billing online classes, there’s good news and bad news.  The good news is, soon, the nagging will stop.  Microsoft has announced the free update period for accepting the upgrade to Windows 10 will end on July 29.  The bad news is, if you neglect to accept the free update by that date, it will cost you around $200 to upgrade at any point in the future. Medical billing online classes require a student to have a good, dependable computer that runs efficiently.  It makes online learning all the easier.  Having a slow, glitchy machine can make the medical billing online study experience a frustrating one.  So it seems like a good idea to upgrade to the newest, fastest version of the Windows operating system. “But we don’t want to change and deal with all the hassles that involves” say many computer owners.  While it is true, there is always some challenge to be expected when one does a large scale upgrade to their systems, this blogger can attest to the relatively painless process upgrading to Windows 10 involves.  I have upgraded several of the computers in our offices here at the Allen School Blog and can tell you that most of the update happened overnight, leaving the new operating system ready to use the next morning.  For the most part, the Windows 10 OS is intuitive and takes the best of Windows 7 (which most everyone loved) and Windows 8 (which most everyone hated) and rolls them into a single, effective OS. Windows 10 reinstates the “Start Menu” which had been stripped out of Windows 8 to the chagrin of many users.  It also reduces the prominence of the “tiled” interface which most people hated about Windows 8 as well.  The tiles can still be seen under the Start Menu for those who favor them (typically those with touch screen interfaces on their computers).  Windows 10 also comes with Cortana, Windows’s version of Siri (the artificial intelligence assistant offered with most Apple operating systems) and numerous other productivity boosting bells and whistles. The time is running out to update for free.  So what are you waiting for?

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